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CHIPS and $5 Grande Nachos Box Update

This chain is celebrating a day early on Thursday, Oct. Get a free chicken or beef taco at participating locations Friday when you make a dine-in purchase. This chain is taking the entire weekend to celebrate! Want a beer instead? Jack in the Box Sign up for the Jack in the Box e-club to get two free tacos with any purchase on Friday. Chronic Tacos This chain will be announcing their code word to access the deal over social media , so watch out for that!

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Get a free chicken or beef taco at participating locations Friday when you make a dine-in purchase. Instead, when you hit the concession stand, make a hot and melty plate of nachos the star of the show.


One flaw many people note about nachos is that you can only cover so many tortilla chips with cheese. Next time, place those chips on a cookie sheet and space them apart.

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Cover each chip with cheese and bake. Plate the chips and top with your favorite extras. You can make nachos that can fit any style of cuisine. How about giving your nachos a Mediterranean flare by subbing out those tortillas and beans for pita chips and hummus?

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Fan of Italian food? Try crisping up some pizza dough and topping it with marinara and mozzarella! The possibilities are endless. The chips would lead you to believe they were a snack, but what with all those toppings, how can it not be a meal? Edit: I ask because I tried to order 2 boxes and was told they were out so I ordered 4 nachos bell grande and got them.

Same chips, my store got 2 cases to last Thursday through next truck Monday, so rather than run out of all chips by Friday evening or Saturday, we just nixed the box. So while that would be amazing it seems unlikely. I hope you'll let us know when they bring them back so I can go back to Taco Bell again.

National Taco Day Offers - Penguin Thoughts

I get some form of nachos every single time I go to Taco Bell. Either they promoted this deal much better this time than with the steak nachos, or explicitly offering chicken or beef was a better marketing strategy, despite steak being the more premium item and the swap to chicken or beef or more beans being free.

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I don't blame them for this, it probably came as a surprise when they thought they knew how this box would sell and it ended up crushing their expectations. I personally prefer beef or chicken instead of steak on nachos, but I think people missing the original nacho box rushing to get them might also be playing a role. The problem might be in the different direction: Their supplier might be having problems and not be able to provide the amount originally projected.

Shit, I've been on a diet and was waiting until today to cheat with these. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.