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Refrigerators are rated one to five star, higher the rating, lower will be the power consumption. Go for high star-rated refrigerators that will benefit long-term keeping in mind the monthly electricity saving. Paytm Mall hosts an eclectic selection of refrigerators in varied styles and capacities to cater to your specific needs. Get value for your money, get the most energy efficient refrigerator from our portal and enjoy several lucrative Cashback offers. When it comes to deciding on what size of refrigerator to buy for your home, you must have a fair idea of the space where you plan to put the refrigerator.

When looking for a fridge, you need to figure out whether they are compact enough to fit a small-sized room or will they be big enough to fit the needs of a large family.

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Based on your needs, you can browse through the vast selection of double door refrigerator, single door refrigerator, triple door refrigerator, side by side refrigerator and French door refrigerator available at affordable prices. A family with members, a fridge capacity less than litre can be sufficient. For families with members, a fridge of size litre can be good enough.

For large families with more than 5 members, a refrigerator of size litre and above can be considered. With changing technology, today refrigerators are engineered to keep food fresher for a longer time and fit more food more efficiently. Paytm Mall offers a broad selection of refrigerators with advanced cooling technology that minimizes the risk of food getting spoilt. They have large storage capacity more L that enables you to store ample amount of groceries, food, fruits, vegetables, drinks, leftovers, or whatsoever as per your requirement. We have the finest quality refrigerators with cutting-edge technology in a range of innovative and aesthetical designs to match your home interiors.

Here, you can find models that are the most energy efficient ever that perform optimally in low voltage conditions. While shopping for refrigerators online at Paytm Mall, you may consider buying one with a lot of drawers for separating vegetables, beverages and other food items in compartments of varying sizes.

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Paytm Mall is the ultimate shopping place for all your electronics needs. Apart from refrigerators, you may also like to buy air conditioners, washing machines, geysers, air coolers, dishwashers, cloth dryers, voltage stabilizer, inverters, microwave ovens and other large appliances. Shop By Category. My Orders.

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  • Enter Pincode for faster delivery options. Electronics Large Appliances. Samsung LG Haier Whirlpool Hitachi Aisen 1. Bosch Godrej INTEX 2. Koryo 5. Liebherr Mitashi 2. Our home appliances can last for quite some time, but occasionally unforeseen issues occur. Our bonded, insured, and licensed experts can immediately respond to your specific needs. We are known for our affordable rates and high-quality workmanship. Dedication to Customer Satisfaction.

    You are our main priority, and we are dedicated to repairing all your appliances, no matter the brand. Our vans are fully-stocked with all fast common moving parts. If a part has to be ordered, there is no extra charge to you. We repair all kitchen and laundry appliances. We repair all major appliances in your home or business. Meridian St. Call us today at In-Shop Repairs. Drop Off and Pick Up Times.

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    Monday a. Use a stiff brush to scrub both the strike plate and the door latch to assure that there are no particles that would keep the dishwasher door from latching properly the next time.

    illemoculo.cf Fourth, to prevent any sticking latch issues later, spray the door latch with WD or another spray lubricant. In a pinch, kitchen cooking spray will work as well. This will assure that the moving parts continue to move properly and lock appropriately.

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    If the door is not securely locked, the dishwasher will not function. When a repair is this simple, you may feel inclined to tackle other appliance repairs. But as always, please be careful to do your research before you attempt any household repairs. Safety is top priority! Skip to content Whirlpool Dishwasher: Fix the Door Latch in Four Steps When your Whirlpool dishwasher stops working properly, your first reaction may be to call the Whirlpool appliance repair service nearest to your home.

    Check the Strike Plate First, inspect the strike plate while you open and close the door of your dishwasher several times.

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    Try Tapping the Strike Plate The second step to remedying your dishwasher door dilemma involves a common household tool.