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You will find your six-digit booking code in your booking confirmation email or on your boarding pass if you have already checked in. Please also enter the surname under which the booking was made. Bookings for groups of more than nine persons are considered group bookings. You can find the six-digit booking code for your group booking in your booking confirmation email.

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Please also enter your title, first name and surname. Please note that each group member must be checked in individually. To complete check-in for your tour operator booking, we will direct you to your booking summary after you have entered your information. From there, you will be able to check in easily within 72 hours of departure. If you are denied boarding or if your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, ask at the check-in counter or boarding gate for the text stating your rights, particularly with regard to compensation and assistance.

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Comment Seit Ihr sicher, dass die Benutzung nicht Flug- gesellschaftsspezifisch ist? Comment sehe ich wie Reinhard. Comment Reinhard: Seltsames Argument. Nachdem Fluege immer zwischen zwei Flughaefen stattfinden, gibt es fuer jede Strecke one way einen Abflug departure und eine Ankunft arrival.

Nach Deiner Argumentation muss es dann fuer jede Strecke "outbound" und "inbound" geben.

So wird es aber nicht gemacht, d. Guck' mal auf die Opodo. Dann findest Du "outbound" dort, wo auf der deutschen Seite "Hinflug" steht. Comment Das kann man sicher so oder so sehen. Ob ein Flughafen das "outbound" nennt, kann ich dir nicht sagen.

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Comment Dagegen. Ich sehe das selbe Problem wie Reinhard. Die Woerter meinen nicht dasselbe, auch wenn man sie im selben Zusammenhang benutzen kann. Opodo koennte z. Abflug statt Hinflug benutzen, d. So kann man sich z. Rueckflug ist mAn "return flight" ist auch im LEO, wie ich gerade feststelle. Fuer Hinflug faellt mir keine gute englische Entsprechung ein, ist vielleicht einfach unuebersetzbar.

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Gibt's keine Muttesprachler, die mir hir zur Hilfe eilen wollen? From : To : Date : Passengers No. Flights to Faro, Canary Islands, Innsbruck, Balearic Islands, and Bastia, must be booked at least 28 days in advance of the outbound flight for travel all year round. Da wird "Hinflug" als unuebersetzbar erklaert, wo doch offensichtlich ist, dass "outbound flight" genau das meint. Comment as far as outbound is concerned, I've never heard it in a customer environment at all, neither for flights nor for trains.

Hinreise in a train would normally be called a single when ordering a ticket; the question asked would be: "where are you departing from? Comment sorry, either scratch the 'd or the would.

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I could find no links referring specifically to 'outbound' flights when the flight in question was a domestic one. Comment odondon irl: "I could find no links referring specifically to 'outbound' flights when the flight in question was a domestic one. Ganz klar wird auch hier "outbound" und "inbound" verwendet. Genauso ist "Hinflug" Jargon. Ein Passagier koennte eine Rueckreise von seinem Urlaubsziel das er z.

CJ: "outbound flight" hat sicher auch die von Dir genannte Bedeutung. Nur: "Abgehender Flug" sagt im Deutschen kaum jemand. Dafuer findet man "Hinflug" und auf englischen Dokumenten steht "outbound flight". Comment Mir scheint, das Problem hier liegt darin, aus wessen Perspektive der jeweilige Flug betrachtet wird.

Das Flugzeug aber fliegt nur von A nach B und ist bei jedem Flug outbound vom Startflughafen und inbound zum Zielflughafen. Es sind einfach Begriffe aus der Navigation. Und dazu haben wir ja Die Stellungnahme von odondon, Wed Feb 22 Comment Is a governmental website in the UK reliable enough? Outbound the plane was the oldest I have seen for a long time. Travelocity, Icelandair and Air France.

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This was just a quick Google search.. Although some of them seem to have to do with some weird Star Wars thing? And sorry, but "single" just does not have the same meaning as "hin". I would like to weigh in on this very strongly. I, native English speaker from USA and avid traveller, have been using and hearing the phrases "outbound flight", "inbound flight" all of my life and have always been understood ;-.

Airline personel use these expressions all the time. To hear that this phrase is not "supported" seems to fly in the face of reality IMO.


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It was interesting for me to read comments here that it is also used in the UK and for trains as well. My source quoted above is from the "fare rules" of a reservation requested online from the Continental Airlines USA website. If you were to talk with personel from Delta Airlines or American Airlines and claim the term "outbound flight" was "not supported", you would be laughed out of the airport.

It is true that not ALL Americans might use this term all the time, but anyone who does any amount of traveling certainly knows and uses these words. To suggest that English does not have a term for these things is quite amusing to me. I remember when I first came to Germany, I remembered wanting to know how to say "inbound flight" and "outbound flight" in German! It was one of my first questions in those heady days Also, to me, the terms used on opodo's site are correct, both the. The fine print on the back of any paper airline ticket contains references to "outbound" and "inbound".

I think what Reinhard and others are confusing are other terms.

Let me give a rundown on things as I know them. Others feel free to comment if they have acutal experience otherwise. When first making a reservation there are two main types, one-way and roundtrip. A roundtrip flight or ticket consists of 2 parts, the "outbound flight" [Dtsch. The "inbound flight" is actually most often called the "return flight" as Hein pointed out. That's why a roundtrip ticket is often called a return ticket, because it has a "return flight".

A oneway ticket is only "outbound". Now, at the airport the perspective changes. There we use the following to distinguish flight directions. Planes coming in to the airport are usually just called "Arrivals" or "Arriving flights" These are the terms that are used on the big information screens. Despite two flight confirmation emails, when VK got to the check-in desk she was told she had no reservation and the flight was fully booked. M and CJ from Staffs had a different problem — but were greeted with a similar wall of silence from Opodo.

When the couple arrived for the return flight with the group they were travelling with, only three of the four people had return flights. Opodo had left one of them with a return flight for the following day — ironically the flight they said had been cancelled. So far, the couple has had no explanation or compensation. Maybe its size has made it complaisant. Its parent company is eDreams Odigeo which would do well to remember that the travel business relies on good service to survive.