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Of course, swapping these two gases would require industrial methane removal as well as efficient conversion technology, neither of which currently exist. If both these hurdles can somehow be cleared, however, the authors think their idea could remove 3.

The solution would not exist on its own, but would instead join a larger, more concerted effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the first place. Still, once the pollution is already up there and out of our hands, removing some of the worst offenders could be extremely helpful. Scientists are already talking about doing this with carbon , but the Stanford researchers think we need to focus more on methane.

It's more difficult to capture than carbon mostly because of methane's lower concentration in the atmosphere , but the team has an idea. A crystalline material, known as zeolite, has the potential to act as a sponge, they say, soaking up methane from the atmosphere. Official Response 22 days ago. They always have high quality top shelf flower. Always running sales and very cool staff.

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